20-10: Two out of three ain’t bad

The Red Sox won the rubber game of the series with Minnesota today, 4-3. Curt Schilling (4-1) pitched very well for six innings, but got into trouble in the seventh. Hideki Okajima and Jonathan Papelbon finished off the game, however, and preserved the victory. Two out of three has actually been the Red Sox’ season so far. Even their overall winning percentage stands at .667. Not bad at all.

When Schilling gave up a two-run single to Jason Tyner in the seventh, Okajima entered the game to face red-hot centerfielder Torii Hunter with runners at first and second. Hunter lined a single into right field, scoring a run and bringing the game to within one run. Okajima allowed his first inherited runner of 2007 to score. Previously he had stranded five baserunners and pitched very well. You can’t win them all, especially with a good hitter like Hunter, but the important thing for me is that Okajima kept his composure and got last year’s AL MVP Justin Morneau out right afterwards. This guy is going to be a very good pitcher for us.

Personally, I would have liked to see the lineup cause more damage against Sidney Ponson, but hey, how can I complain about a W, right? Especially one that keeps us 5 1/2 ahead of the Yankees. He did throw 99 pitches in just 5 1/3 innings, which is a good sign that our offense is being patient like it should.

Alex Cora continued his hot hitting with a 2-4 day while filling in at shortstop for Julio Lugo.

Dustin Pedroia went 3-4 with two doubles, raising his average to a season-high .239. Let’s hope this is a sign of good things to come for the young second baseman.

Twins catching phenom Joe Mauer was placed on the 15-day DL yet again. That’s a tough break for a lineup that’s thin on power bats.

One Response to 20-10: Two out of three ain’t bad

  1. margie phillips says:

    Well, big deal about ponson and 99 in 5 1/3 innings…by that time he had already fouled up enough….could not even get the ball in easy tosses to first and second…..and maybe the Twins (players) would like to see him gone too….maybe there is something wrong with the Twins management….is Gardenhire’s mind all there? why does he pull out every other pitcher sooner when they start damaging…but leave Ponson in there to create his chaos?? Something is wrong there….but lay off the boys (the real players,,,really some of these pitchers are so overrated) . And it does not help that all the American league pitchers don’t have to do anything but pitch….we all saw Ponson screw up those easy catches and tosses to first and second…what a loser and now the Twins are totally losing any respect they may have once had ….it is hard to keep moral high when you have an egotistical and selfish person like Ponson …there are such things as “Bad luck Benny’s” and they cause a trickle down effect….so wake up Gardie and Anderson…..you too have done enough damage….knock it off and let him go now!!!!

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