New York signs Roger Clemens

Could anything else have happened? With the Yankees languishing in last place and suffering from injured starters everywhere, you had to know that George Steinbrenner would do this. Brian Cashman proudly announced the signing of Roger Clemens to a one-year contract worth a prorated $28 million and 22 dollars (Roger’s favorite number, his own).

Houston, you have a problem. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Clemens will be 45 this year, and switching back to the AL will mean no more skimpy one point something ERAs. But he will give you six very good innings every time out, and is still a valuable asset to any team. His addition changes things significantly, and instantly makes the Yankees much more dangerous. If young Philip Hughes proves ready this year, they have to become the favorites to win the division this year.

Julian Tavarez was talking about how the Red Sox maybe didn’t “need” Roger Clemens, because of our rotation. He doesn’t want to lose his rotation slot, is what he means. Curt Schilling has also said something to the same effect. To me, that’s just dumb. If you have a shot at a pitcher like Clemens, you make room for him. He’s going into the Hall of Fame for a reason (about 348 of them, to be precise). Keeping him away from the Yanks would have been nice too. Well, it’s too late for that, so let’s see where this goes. I can’t wait for Schilling vs. Clemens in August.

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