29-13: Sox pound Braves, Braves pound Sox in doubleheader

After another rainout on Friday, the Red Sox played their second doubleheader in three days on Saturday against the visiting Atlanta Braves. Considering Boston’s record against the NL last year in interleague play (16-2), I’m really looking forward to this next month or so.

In game 1, the Sox blew out the Braves 13-3. Daisuke Matsuzaka (6-2) was purely dominant, pitching six shutout innings before giving up three runs on two home runs in the seventh. He went eight innings on 104 pitches, and Kyle Snyder finished out the ninth, lowering his season ERA to 1.84.

But the real story in this one was the Red Sox lineup, which battered starter Anthony Lerew (0-2) and five Atlanta relievers for 13 runs on 18 hits, along with 6 walks. Julio Lugo led off the game with a shot to left field, and it just didn’t stop after that. Mike Lowell had four hits and 5 RBI, including his eighth home run of the year, a grand slam in the fifth inning off of lefty Mark Redman. Lowell is off to a great start and is now hitting .333/.391/.560 on the year, and a very nice .359/.417/.578 in May.

J.D. Drew went 1-3 with two walks, and looks healthy. He’s playing like he may be coming out of his recent slump. That’s very good news for the Sox, who don’t have many good options in right field, should Drew be out for an extended period of time.

Going into game 2, I thought the depleted Atlanta bullpen would work in our favor, but John Smoltz (6-2) had other plans. Working off his seven shutout innings, the Braves completely turned the tables in this one, winning by a 14-0 margin. This was one of the worst games the Sox played in a long time. Even worse than that

After generating so much offense the first game, the Sox lineup managed only 3 hits in the second contest. That didn’t help Devern Hansack (0-1), who in his first spot start this year struggled through 4 innings. He had to leave the game with a bruise on his right hand. Hansack was off to a dominating start at Pawtucket, but seems to have lost the magic, as he needed 77 pitches to get that far.

It was interesting to see Dustin Pedroia hit fifth in this one. What was that all about, Tito?

Joel Pineiro continues to struggle out of the bullpen, and I can’t see the Sox sticking with him much longer unless he can really turn it around. He gave up 4 runs in two innings of work, raising his ERA to 6.06 on the year. Don’t talk about arm slot adjustment, just get the outs, man.


3 Responses to 29-13: Sox pound Braves, Braves pound Sox in doubleheader

  1. firedannyainge says:

    I was at the loss. Oh the joy of sitting in pouring rain for nothing.lol


  2. donchoi says:

    Sorry you chose the wrong game to be at. Still, with the Sox playing so well, I guess we can let that one slide, eh?

  3. firedannyainge says:

    You wouldn’t say that if you were in the rain for that game.lol

    I will let that one slide but tonights drubbing not so much.


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