31-14: Tavarez shines in Red Sox win

The Red Sox played very good baseball last night and soundly beat the Yankees, 7-3. The game extended their division lead to 10.5 games, which is a great place to be this early.

The Red Sox needed to win after opening the series in New York with a loss, and Julian Tavarez (3-4) stepped up and delivered a very effective start. His numbers were not great, but Tavarez used his wildness to his advantage and spread out the hits to minimize the damage. He made up for what Tim Wakefield couldn’t deliver the day before.
Manny Ramirez hit a very fat pitch in the first inning, and golfed it out of the stadium for a three-run shot. He’s not looking as confident at the plate this year, and for whatever reason, doesn’t seem as comfortable as he usually does. Some sportswriters have noted that he seems to be up there guessing a lot, which he hasn’t needed to do in the past.

Mike Lowell also homered in the 4th, making it 9 HR on the year. Man, that Josh Beckett trade is not looking so bad anymore, is it?

Sadly, Hideki Okajima‘s scoreless streak ended at 20 2/3 innings, as he gave up a run on a fielder’s choice in the 8th inning. That raised his ERA to an unsightly 0.79 for the year. Streak or no streak, Okajima has been a rock solid setup man for us this year, and his confidence shows. He’s the reason we are not missing Mike Timlin at all.

This time it was Yankees starter Mike Mussina (2-3) who struggled. He was clocked at one point throwing in the mid-60s, so something definitely isn’t right with him. The Yankees rotation is just barely hanging together, and starting Mussina in this kind of shape reflects some of the desperation in New York. The Yanks are experiencing some of what we went through last year with injuries to our rotation and overwork of the bullpen.

There’s been a lot of talk about the Sox cruising to the divisional title, but I don’t count out the Yankees until they’re really out. They still have probably the best lineup in baseball, and their bullpen could be very solid if they ever get some innings out of their starting pitchers. If the front five can get healthy (and that’s a HUGE if), they could still field an excellent team. They are very thin, however, should injuries continue to plague the rotation, or should an infielder go down for an extended period of time.

Curt Schilling versus Andy Pettite next. Can’t wait.


One Response to 31-14: Tavarez shines in Red Sox win

  1. firedannyainge says:

    Tavares shows up. Schilling doesn’t.

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