31-15: Yankees salvage the series, but not their pride

The Yankees took the rubber game of this series, 8-3, but with everything going on this week, even taking two of three from the Red Sox isn’t quite enough to lift the spirits of Yankee fans.

It has been reported this week that Jason Giambi tested positive for amphetamines, and MLB is planning to test him further. What timing, considering his comments of last week blaming the steroid situation on Major League Baseball.

Alex Rodriguez has been catching heat for his elbow to Dustin Pedroia‘s groin area last night in trying to break up a double play. He had already slid, but he lunged in an attempt to interfere with the pivot at second. Why should we be surprised that a guy who would swat a fielder’s glove at first in an ALCS game would also pull this crap? I always heard what an upstanding guy Rodriguez is, but he can be real low-class, from what I’ve seen.

Roger Clemens struggled in his second minor league start, barely making 5 1/3 innings over 103 pitches for AA Trenton.

Lastly, Carl Pavano announced that he will be undergoing reconstructive elbow surgery, ending his season and making him a complete bust for the Yanks.

Curt Schilling (4-2) was surprisingly hittable over six innings, yielding 12 hits and striking out only three. It wasn’t one bad inning, but they scored in each of the first four innings. It’s hard to win a game when you get behind like that.

There was plenty of hitting going on for the Sox, but we stranded an incredible 19 runners in this one, and it’s hard to win when you swing that bats that way with men in scoring position. Andy Pettite (3-3) held the Sox to just one run over seven innings, and by then the game was pretty firmly in hand. Mariano Rivera came on, gave up a hit, then struck out three in a row in his inning of work, suggesting that he might be coming back around.

Coco Crisp went 2-4 with his first home run of the season from the 2 slot in the order, and it’ll be interesting to see whether they try to get him more at-bats from that position in the lineup.


5 Responses to 31-15: Yankees salvage the series, but not their pride

  1. firedannyainge says:

    We needed this game. Schilling blew it.

  2. donchoi says:

    Definitely disappointing. He said on the radio this morning that he felt fine physically, but just couldn’t get guys out yesterday. This was his worst start in quite some time.

  3. wedgethirtyfive says:

    The UPS guy knows I’m a Red Sox fan, and he just drove by my house and shouted “Go Yankees”. My reply was “Nine and a half out”, but I’d be crazy to think a lead like this will hold up through the summer. No doubt the Yanks can still hit and every run they score is like a knife in my heart. The way the game ended last night was a bit curious, though, with Lugo being ejected with two outs in the ninth and us trailing by 5. The home plate ump (was his name really Buckner?) seemed to take Lugo’s protests to heart given the enthusism he showed in punching Crisp out on the check swing. It was a little ugly and made it seem for a moment like we’re the ones trailing by 9 1/2 games and groping for momentum. Am I crazy or are they showing the Bucky Dent replay from’78 way too much lately?

  4. donchoi says:

    I never liked UPS much anyways. What kind of motto is “go brown”, anyways?

    Yeah, I know what you mean. Yankees fans need a little inspiration right about now. Clemens will give em a big morale boost, but he won’t solve their bullpen being overworked.

  5. wedgethirtyfive says:

    Props to the Portland Sea Dogs. Not that they really rocked Clemens the other night but 102 pitches in just over 5 innings? In a Double-A game? Not what you’d call a “quality” start. Rocket looks more like a firecracker right now.

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