37-18: A-Rod homers off Papelbon to win it, 6-5

The third and final game of this series was a close one. With the game knotted at 5-5, Jonathan Papelbon had him down 0-2, but Alex Rodriguez homered to right-center to quiet Fenway Park and win the game yesterday. A-Rod, who has receieved a lot of criticism the past two years for not delivering clutch hits, seems to be pretty clutch now.

Starter Josh Beckett (8-0) pitched decently well, but a three-run fifth ensured that he would not get win number nine tonight. The normally stingy bullpen gave up two runs, but not by the people you’d expect. Hideki Okajima and Jonathan Papelbon gave up the lead and then the go ahead run in this one. They can’t be perfect, but let’s hope this is not a case of overwork or nagging injury or either of them.

Andy Pettite wasn’t very good, but the Yankee bullpen was on this night. The Sox couldn’t figure out any of these relievers, and Mariano Rivera came on to close the door in the ninth for his fifth save on the year.

Julio Lugo singled and walked twice, but he still needs some major work as a leadoff hitter (.289 OBP this year). He’s actually not a big on-base guy (career .337 OBP), so I never really understood why the sabermetrically-leaning Sox saw him as their leadoff hitter. He’s better suited to the 2nd, 8th or 9th slots, IMHO.

Dustin Pedroia seems to be embracing his new spot in the lineup, as he popped two more doubles for the Sox. It seems like he is well on his way to cementing himself as the Red Sox second baseman for years to come.

Losing two to the Yanks at home is not especially happy news, but being 12 1/2 games ahead is still very good. Let’s hope that our rotation and bullpen can stay healthy and hold it together through these busy summer months ahead.

3 Responses to 37-18: A-Rod homers off Papelbon to win it, 6-5

  1. Joe Torre says:

    i think that alex roderiguiez is a do gooder and he has done a bit of innappropriate things, but he is still my lil’ homefry!

  2. firedannyainge says:

    Papelbon has not been Papelbon since he blew his first save of the year.


  3. donchoi says:

    Yeah, I suspect that there is an injury concern with Paps that we are not being told. He doesn’t look the sme out there of late. I’m all for strengthening our bullpen through a trade.

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