37-20: New Sox shut out by old Sox

The bad news? The Sox are in the midst of their longest losing streak of the year. The good news? It’s only three games. Don’t worry, this was bound to happen sooner or later. It’s just baseball. They’re not in trouble yet.

Lenny DiNardo (2-2) must have gotten pumped for this game. He outdueled Daisuke Matsuzaka (7-4) in a 2-0 Boston loss last night. DiNardo was claimed off of waivers by Oakland during the preseason, which is to say that the Red Sox gave him away for free. Carefully pitching around his old teammates, he two-hit the Red Sox over six innings, and the Oakland bullpen finished the job, with Boston alumnus Alan Embree notching the save, his fifth of the year. DiNardo does not pitch deep into games, but his season 1.45 ERA is looking pretty good right now.

On our side, Matsuzaka pitched well overall. He struggled to find the strike zone at times, falling behind hitters, and had a couple of pitches in the dirt, but that was all pretty minor. He threw 130 pitches, but seemed to stay strong, topping out at 93-94 mph as he had all game. This is a good sign that he is recovering from his recent streak of bad outings, but I want to see him do it again to a lineup a little tougher than the Athletics’.

It was a frustrating night for the Sox lineup. Despite drawing six walks off of DiNardo, they just could not get the ball out of the infield all night, as evidenced by 15 ground outs against the lefty. Boston hit into an incredible 5 double plays in the game, seemingly ending every threat and every inning. They had their chances, but stranded 17 men on base in the frustrating loss.

Wily Mo Pena walked twice, including a very impressive 8 pitch at-bat in the 7th against righty Kiko Calero. He’s improving at the plate, especially with some increased playing time of late, but I’m afraid that his fielding can’t be remedied as easily. He really is suited to be a designated hitter and not much else. Maybe we could swap him out for a solid reliever or a more defensive-minded outfielder.

As Jon Lester and Mike Timlin are getting closer to returning, it’s time to consider how the roster should be juggled to accommodate them. It’s going to be tricky, as the whole 25-man roster is basically out of minor-league options. Javier Lopez will almost certainly catch the bus to Pawtucket, but someone else either has to hit the DL or be released/traded. This is how we lost Lenny DiNardo, by the way.


One Response to 37-20: New Sox shut out by old Sox

  1. firedannyainge says:


    Why do we always make average pitchers look like the second coming of Cy Young. sigh

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