39-21: Beckett goes 9-0

The Red Sox kicked off two weeks of intraleague play with a 10-3 victory in their first ever game at Chase Field. Josh Beckett (9-0) continues to throw the baseball as well as anybody, and he put down the D-backs for 8 innings tonight, striking out 8 and walking none. Doing his best Curt Schilling imitation, he was very efficient, using just 92 pitches. I think it was a good move to go to the bullpen in the ninth, a preventative measure against blisters and getting Joel Pineiro some work.

This rotation is looking like it can go the distance. Not just in the last couple of games, but for the rest of the season. It’ll take some luck and avoiding injuries, but once Jon Lester gets in there, I don’t know who else can compete with this front 5.

J.D. Drew, who has been much maligned recently on Boston sports radio, broke out with two HR and 7 RBI on the night. It was his first multi-home run game since August 25th of last year, also against the Diamondbacks. David Ortiz, starting at first, and Manny Ramirez had two hits each. Julio Lugo also led off the game with his 4th HR of the year and walked once. He also got Alberto Callaspo out at second using the hidden ball trick. Nice one. Josh Beckett went 0-4 at the plate with one strikeout.

J.D.’s younger brother, Stephen Drew, went 0-4 as starting shortstop for Arizona.


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