41-24: Rockies deal Beckett first loss

The Colorado Rockies beat the Red Sox last night, 7-1, taking two contests in the three game series. The loss was the first of the year for Boston starter Josh Beckett (9-1), who suffered his worst outing of 2007 last night.

Rockies third baseman Garrett Atkins hit a grand slam off Beckett in the third inning, and another home run by Matt Holliday in the 4th put Colorado ahead early to stay. Beckett has avoid the long ball well this year, but he was the 2006 version of himself in this one.

Lefty Jeff Francis (6-5), who’s been hot lately, silenced the Red Sox bats for five innings, and the Rockies bullpen finished the job. With the offense putting along as it has been, that didn’t take much. The top of the Red Sox lineup has been struggling, and it sported a different look last night, with J.D. Drew hitting leadoff and Dustin Pedroia in the two hole, but the results were, unfortunately, far short of spectacular. The two were a combined 1-10 on the night, with no walks.

I’d still like to see what these two are capable of atop the order, and applaud Tito for trying something, ANYTHING, to break the Sox out of their extended scoring slump. The team is 5-8 thus far in June, having scored 5 runs or more in only four of those games and only once since June 4. Let’s get all the bad baseball out of the way right now, and be the good Sox the rest of the way, what do you say, guys?

Meanwhile, the Yankees won their ninth straight, drawing within 7 1/2 games. I’m not jumping overboard yet, but it sure would make me feel more comfortable if they would lose once in a while. The key to their revival? Good pitching plus the waking up of Bobby Abreu.


4 Responses to 41-24: Rockies deal Beckett first loss

  1. firedannyainge says:

    JD Drew starting off makes no sense AT ALL. He has been horrible and he needs to fall in the line up.

    No more games. This is getting too close.


  2. donchoi says:

    Who would you rather see lead off? Despite his horrid batting average, Drew is among the team leaders in walks with 31. His OBP is still .336, and his career OBP is .390, so he’s still a heckuva lot better than Julio Lugo (.270 OBP) or Coco Crisp (.280 OBP) at the moment. He also has a good deal more speed than Dustin Pedroia, who is kinda slow-footed.

    The only other guy I’d consider putting up top is Youkilis, and he’s hitting the ball with too much power to be wasted at leadoff. That’s pretty much what the front office is thinking, and I agree with them, although I wish it had not come to this.

  3. firedannyainge says:

    What about Pedroia. ?The kids has been getting better and better as the season goes along. I don’t care how slow he is at least he gets on base. There is no point in having a speedy anyone on base if they can’t get on base.

    Drew has done nothing at all the last few months except when Trot Nixon was coming to town and he played his brother. His on base % didn’t help us last night where he once again came up and did nothing.

    I am not a Drew hater. I know it sounds like I am but I am not (no one has been really hitting recently especially with men on base) but this is unexceptable for a guy making as much money as he is.


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