Curt says he’d re-sign

On WEEI radio yesterday, Curt Schilling told Dennis and Callahan that if Theo Epstein were to offer him the $13 million extension now, he’d take it.

The front office appeared ready to give Schilling that contract in the preseason, but it was never offered, likely because of someone high up in the orgnaization, thought to be Larry Lucchino.

Schilling has pitched fairly well this year, going 6-3 with a 3.80 ERA thus far. That ERA puts him 21st in the AL this year among qualified pitchers, good enough to be a #2 or #3. His health has been good despite his age and his being overweight, and he has learned to adjust his pitching after a drop in fastball velocity the last two seasons.

I think that a one-year extension like this is pretty low risk, and the Sox should have given him the deal before the season began. What, would you rather sign Paul Byrd to a three-year, $20 million contract? Not with the young pitching we have coming up through the ranks. The Killer B’s will be here soon enough, but we need solid starting pitching up here until they are here to stay.


One Response to Curt says he’d re-sign

  1. firedannyainge says:

    They need to sign him now. IMO this non contract thing is the reason why he isn’t being Schilling. He like Lowell (IMO) are worried about next season and it is effecting them this season.

    13 million is a bargain. If Zito can get 17 plus million and Andy Pettite close to that then what Schilling has done for us deserves at least that much

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