Problem spots

Here’s an interesting tidbit for you. Even though the Red Sox rank 5th in runs scored in the AL, we are currently 11th in the month of June, having scored only 72 runs in 17 games, or 4.24 runs/game. Only the White Sox, Twins and Orioles are trailing us for June.

Our season-long production from each spot in the lineup:

1] .217/.275/.319; dead last in OPS and R out of 14 teams in the AL (Big problem)

2] .327/.418/.491; first in OPS and R

3] .323/.432/.582; 1st in OPS and TB, 2nd in HR, 4th in RBI

4] .302/.403/.492; 4th in OPS, 6th in HR, 9th in RBI

5] .232/.328/.332; last in OPS and TB, 12th in RBI

6] .299/.353/.530; 1st in OPS, TB, HR, RBI (That would be Mr. Lowell)

7] .259/.339/.425; 6th in OPS

8] .206/.282/.312; 10th in OPS

9] .291/.364/.435; first in OPS and TB (Hello Dustin Pedroia!)

Basically, our offense suffers from a few dead sticks (you know who you are!) that stayed too long in the leadoff and #5 slots. We’ve changed up things, so it should help.. That #5 hitter is just cursed, year after year. Let’s hope Kevin Youkilis can fill that spot, since J.D. Drew is struggling so much.


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