45-25: Beckett reaches 10 wins, Sox shut out Braves

The Red Sox shut out the Atlanta Braves 4-0 last night in front of fairly large contingent of Boston fans. Way to represent, Red Sox Nation!

Josh Beckett (10-1) threw six strong scoreless innings, using just 88 pitches. He could have easily gone longer, if not for a 48 minute delay before the top of the 7th. He scattered four hits and two walks, and the Braves had trouble mounting a threat all night. Beckett even helped his own cause with an RBI double in the 5th. Kyle Snyder, then Hideki Okajima and Jonathan Papelbon pitched scoreless innings in a fashion that has become so familiar to Red Sox Nation this season.

Tim Hudson (6-5) fared better than he did in his first start, but when your offense gets shut out, there’s not a whole lot you can do. Hudson nearly contributed his own double in the 5th, but a diving, back-handed catch by Coco Crisp took that away. Coco has been very good in centerfield this year, with a lot of highlight reel stuff. It’s true that he’s not the most natural in center, but his speed makes up for some bad reads and jumps. Overall, I’d say he’s above average at the position; only his lack of an arm keeps him from being rated better.

After many close ones, David Ortiz finally got his 12th HR of 2007 on a blast to the opposite field off of Hudson. Kevin Youkilis got two hits from the five slot, which is a good sign for a struggling offense. It looks like he is the man for the job.


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