Trade rumors flying

With the trade deadline marching closer and the Yankees still 10 games back of the Red Sox, there have been a lot of proposed trades flying around the newspapers and radio.

It is almost a certainty that the Yankees will trade for a first baseman. With Jason Giambi facing a long suspension, Brian Cashman has been said to be looking into acquiring either Mark Teixeira from Texas or Todd Helton from Colorado. Getting a young stud like Teixeira would probably cost the Yankees Phil Hughes, who they don’t want lose, but acquiring Helton probably would not demand that chip. The latest rumors say that he wants to pry Eric Gagne or Akinori Otsuka away from the Rangers as well.

Rangers GM Jon Daniels is feeling the heat from Tom Hicks, and needs to pull off a big move in order to save his job, so let’s hope some other team comes in with a better offer for Teixeira (the guy has hit 43 HR in a season before, and he’s only 27 years old!).

With the White Sox season starting to circle the drain, rumors are abounding about lefty Mark Buerhle, whom Chicago has yet to sign to a contract extension, and Jermaine Dye. The Cubs are becoming sellers again, putting Jacque Jones on the market for anyone who will give them something back as well. Baltimore finally seems ready to admit that they should trade Miguel Tejada (and should have done it earlier).

As for the Red Sox, don’t look for a blockbuster. But there are a couple of outfield options out there. Milton Bradley has just been designated for assignment by the Athletics. Knowing Billy Beane, he’s not going to let the remaining $2.2 million on Bradley’s contract go to waste, but he’ll find a suitor out there. Bradley has been plagued by injuries (he’s visited the DL 3 times already this year), but he could make a nice pickup, and he wouldn’t cost much. Brady Clark is another centerfielder who just became a free agent.

Wily Mo Pena will go to the highest bidder, probably for a reliable relief pitcher. I’d love to grab, say, Scott Linebrink from the Padres or Joel Peralta/Joakim Soria from Kansas City for Pena. Or, here’s a thought: how about Pena to Oakland for Bradley and Kiko Calero/Santiago Casilla?


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