David Murphy getting the call

Outfielder David Murphy is going to be called up from AAA Pawtucket today when Curt Schilling is officially added to the DL. He’ll be the fourth outfielder in case J.D. Drew can’t go this weekend, and provide some defensive insurance against Wily Mo Pena. It is expected that he will be sent back down before Tuesday, when the Sox need a spot start in Seattle.

The 26-year old is having a solid season for the PawSox, currently hitting .283/.362/.423. Murphy is a tall lefty who can play pretty good defense. He can play all three outfield positions, which is a nice bonus. He reported to camp buffed out this season, but it hasn’t affected his power numbers too much. He’s shown a lot of patience at the plate, which the front office likes to see, but the power that the scouts were looking for hasn’t really come around. Poor guy, he could have been in the bigs earlier with almost any other team than the Sox.


One Response to David Murphy getting the call

  1. firedannyainge says:

    I bet he is thrilled. I hope he does well.

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