Gabbard to get the ball Tuesday

It’s official, Jon Lester will not start against Seattle on Tuesday. When the Sox call him up next time, they want it to be for keeps.

Instead, lefty Kason Gabbard, who is pitching great at Pawtucket, will get the call. He is 7-2 with a 3.24 ERA in 14 starts, and earned an encore with his last spot start against Atlanta.


3 Responses to Gabbard to get the ball Tuesday

  1. donchoi says:

    What if this is a “showing” for the Mark Buehrle trade? Gabbard is another left-handed starter.

  2. soxfreak says:

    Good point, Lester is off the table, but not Gabbard. I hope its not true. Leftie or not, I dont like the fit of Buehrle with the SOX. Lets let somebody else give him 8 bazillion dollars.

    Side note here…has anyone had trouble posting comments on 38 pitches? I am not able to post after I log on. Am I missing something?

  3. donchoi says:

    Hey soxfreak, thanks for stopping by… I was able to post on 38 pitches just now, though it looks like Curt is moderating his comments before they actually post.

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