49-31: Sox offense not pitching in

The lowly Texas Rangers took another one from the Red Sox yesterday, 2-1, and their rotation, which has been the worst in the majors this year by a huge margin (6.49 ERA, just 5.10 IP/start), has looked great against Boston’s flailing bats.

Kameron Loe (5-6) has won his last four starts, but two of those starts were against the Pirates and the Cubs. He’s still Kameron Loe, guys. For the third straight game, the Rangers’ bullpen put the Red Sox lineup into a deep freeze to seal the win.

Julian Tavarez (5-6) and the bullpen turned in another great game, holding the Texas offense in check and keeping the game close. Tavarez went 5 2/3 innings, allowing the two runs (one earned). He allowed sevens hits and walked three, which are not great peripherals, but you can’t much argue with the results. Manny Delcarmen is looking great out of the bullpen, and he may have arrived. His confidence is building, he’s throwing hard and he could play a key role for us down the stretch. I’d still like to see Boston acquire one more good arm for the pen, though.

The Sox have now scored just 8 runs in their last four games, and 26 in their last nine. I just didn’t expect this from a lineup featuring David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez hitting 3/4. Here we are, nearly at the All-Star break, and they have a combined 24 HR and 92 RBI. Last year, they had 55 HR and 152 RBI between them at the ASB.

In the last week, Red Sox hitters have put up a line of .271/.370/.391. So our guys are getting on base, but there is no power and the hitting with runners on has been terrible. We just finished under .500 for the month of June, at 13-14. Something’s gotta happen, and soon.


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