Big Papi riding a bad knee

People wondering what’s wrong with Big Papi now have an answer. The Herald reports that it is likely that David Ortiz will require surgery on it after the season.

David is supposed to have an MRI done on it soon, so let’s all hope that either he can continue, or he takes a break and gets right for the playoff push. If it’s really bad, we may have to make a deadline deal for a big bat after all.


5 Responses to Big Papi riding a bad knee

  1. firedannyainge says:

    H eshould not have played in the All Star game if he was hurt. It is that simple.

  2. donchoi says:

    Yeah playing in the ASG was totally not necessary. But the only problem is that this is one of those “day-to-day” kind of injuries that Papi plays with every day. I’m sure he thought it was no big deal. It would have been if he made it worse, though.

    Maybe he needs to take some time off, and we can showcase Pena some before the trade deadline.

  3. firedannyainge says:

    You wish we could get rid or Wily

  4. donchoi says:

    I still like his potential, but yes- I desperately want him off this team. He’s a waste of a roster spot.

  5. donchoi says:

    UPDATE: Papi has come out saying that he has been playing with a torn meniscus in his right knee since last summer. Despite this, I’m not convinced that this is the reason for his somewhat lackluster numbers this year. He did hit 54 HR on this knee in 2006, and I’ve heard some people who’ve experienced this injury say that it’s painful, but it doesn’t affect strength so much. Running is a problem, however. Also the fact that it isn’t swelling suggests that it is a minor tear.

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