Trades: We need a shakeup

The way this team is going right now, we will probably still win the division, but I don’t think our chances are very good in the postseason. After a great start, we are playing .500 ball, and you don’t want to get to the playoffs doing that. The offense is floundering, we need a fourth outfielder, and probably a fifth starter. We need something to shake things up, to get these guys going, and a trade could be just the thing. Or maybe we need a moment like the Varitek/A-Rod slugfest of 2004. Come on guys, get fired up!

If we can make a significant move, I say we go all out. But I also urge that we keep some common sense about us.

As I write, Glen Ordway is on WEEI 850 advocating a move for Jermaine Dye, possibly giving up someone like Jon Lester in the deal. This guy is nuts. First of all, Dye is not the piece that takes us to the pennant. He’s a power hitter, yes, but not a great one. His career line is .274/.336/.483, and he’s having a terrible year, with almost no signs of recovering. Last year was an aberration, his best year ever. And where on earth would you play this guy? Are you going to play him in right and make the $14 million J.D. Drew sit on the bench? Great, Ordway, let’s replace a .252 hitter for a .227 one with some more pop. If we wanted to do that, we could play Wily Mo Pena in right.

Secondly, Lester hasn’t realized his potential yet, but the guy is just a few months removed from overcoming cancer. Trading him now, at the low point of his value, would be a mistake, especially if he comes back strong next year. Remember, this guy is only 23 years old. Most pitchers break out around age 24.

I’m not saying don’t trade Lester under any circumstances, but Dye is not the answer. Eric Byrnes might be slightly better, as I have posted before. Let’s not get too crazy with the trades here.


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