Trades: Miguel Cabrera

There has been a lot of buzz lately about young Miguel Cabrera of the Florida Marlins. At just 24 years old, he is already considered one of the best hitters in the game. A right-handed hitter, he has a .314/.387/.546 career line, and  already has two 33 HR seasons and three consecutive 110 RBI seasons under his belt. And that’s on the Marlins. He’s hitting .333/.405/.611 this season, and already has 23 HR and 71 RBI.

There’s talk that the Marlins may not be able to sign Cabrera long-term, and might be looking for a trade. The young player could demand in excess of a 7 year, $140 million commitment at this point. There’s no team that wouldn’t want a talent like Cabrera, and the price tag would likely be three or four top-tier prospects/young talent. We’re talking Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz AND Jacoby Ellsbury territory here. But you know what? Cabrera could be worth it.

Look, he’s a great hitter, no question. But there’s no way the Red Sox should trade for Cabrera at this point in the season. Cabrera is a decent third baseman, and he can also play in left. Last time I checked, we have two mainstays at both positions. If in the offseason, Mike Lowell walks and we can engineer a trade, I’m all for that. But to shake up the team chemistry that much and bench one of our top everyday players just doesn’t make sense. And no, Florida wouldn’t take Lowell or Manny Ramirez. They moved Lowell in order to make room for Cabrera! And they’re trying to shave salary, not add it.

One big concern (pun intended) is Cabrera’s physical condition. Cabrera weighed around 180 lbs when he came up with Florida, and he was reportedly around 260 lbs in training camp this year. Maybe the best way to demonstrate is with three thousand words:

Miguel Cabrera at age 18

Miguel Cabrera in 2007

Miguel Cabrera in 2007

Cabrera is someone who could actually replace Manny Ramirez in the lineup, and that alone is worth whatever prospects it costs. However, it is not the right time to trade for him. Let’s chat again in December.


One Response to Trades: Miguel Cabrera

  1. Agreed. Wrong time, wrong situation. Plenty of quality outfielders will become free agents at the end of the season, so let’s not worry about replacing Manny just yet. Theo gets too excited about the big bats. If anything we need to trade away some of our hitting depth (Willy Mo, Hinske) for another Tavarez-caliber middle innings guy.

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