Trades: Bobby Kielty is DFA, headed to Boston?

Bobby Kielty, outfielder for the Oakland Athletics, has been designated for assignment and will certainly be traded. Kielty is considered a pretty good outfielder who can play left or right field, plus a little centerfield. He has been injured most of this season, but is said to be ready to return to action. A switch-hitter, his career line is .255/.350/.411 in 8 partial seasons, but his three year line against lefties is a healthy .303/.367/.519. The 30-year old has never been a full-time player, and is earning $2.1 million this season. He is eligible to become a free agent after this season.

Kielty would make a good fourth outfielder on the Sox. He could play in right against left-handed pitching and spell any of the outfielders down the stretch. He’s a good on-base guy, which we know the Sox like. He has been tied to the Red Sox in several trade rumors. One source even suggests that a deal was close to done, but was nixed at the last minute.

If it is indeed the Sox who land Kielty, Wily Mo Pena would be traded, reportedly to the Chicago White Sox, who are in desperate need of outfielders. Yay!


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