Trades: Mark Teixeira not likely

Texas GM Jon Daniels almost has his pick of trade partners when it comes to Mark Teixiera. One of the premier first basemen in baseball, Teixeira represents a switch-hitting cleanup hitter who can play Gold Glove-caliber defense. Basically every big-market team is in on the trade talks, but Daniels is asking for a king’s ransom for his 27-year old lone star. The Rangers are clearly entering a rebuilding phase, and are looking to add young, major-league ready talent, with a focus on pitching.

Teixeira is the owner of a .284/.369/.535 line in four and a half seasons. He has never hit fewer than 26 HR (his rookie year), and his best year was in 2005, when he hit .301/.379/.575 with 43 HR and drove in 144 runs, MVP-type numbers. Teixiera is earning $9 million this season, and has one more year of arbitration before he can become a free agent. A Baltimore native, he has expressed a desire to play for the Orioles. If I were them, I’d start clearing salary room.

The Red Sox have been hanging around these talks, because they are one of the few teams that could afford to extend him beyond 2008, when his contract is up. It’d be amazing to insert him at first base and slide Youkilis over to third base, and we could trade Mike Lowell. However, Daniels has reportedly been seeking both Jacoby Ellsbury AND Clay Buchholz in return for his masher. That’s our top two prospects. No. Don’t even think it.


4 Responses to Trades: Mark Teixeira not likely

  1. firedannyainge says:

    I don’t get the trade Mike Lowell sentiment by some bloggers. He has done nothing but perform since he got here. I hope we keep him.
    (not my site)

  2. donchoi says:

    Hey, I love Mike Lowell as much as the next guy, but at 34 years old, my guess is that Theo will not re-sign him. He’s a great person and a very good player, and will have no problem landing on his feet elsewhere. My first choice would be to keep him on this team, and give him a shot at a World Series, then let him walk.

    That being said, this front office is always looking to upgrade the team with young (25-29 yr old) talent. They’ve been searching for a big stick at first for some time, and Teixeira has got all the tools. He’s even a stellar fielder. If the Rangers offer him up for a reasonable price, I think we have to consider it. If that happens, it wouldn’t be fair to keep both Lowell and Youkilis, who deserve to start. In that situation, I would trade Lowell to a contending NL team in need of a bat at 3B, like the Dodgers.

  3. Willie34 says:

    Having a bat like Teixiera in the line up would definitely bolster the power we already have. But giving up Bucholtz isn’t an option. This kid is one of the brightest pitchers in the farm system and I don’t see Theo trading him anytime soon…then again, I could be wrong. Theo could tarde him and Ellsbury and get Teixiera and a decent set up man for the pen.

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