Trades: What about Ty Wigginton?

The latest name to come up in trade rumors is Ty Wigginton. Wigginton has bounced from the Mets to the Pirates and has played in Tampa Bay the last two years. He is a right-handed bat who can provide a little bit of pop, with a career .266/.325/.447 line. He hits lefties and righties about the same, though he does have a significantly higher lifetime OBP against lefties than righties (.350 vs .316). He’s been pretty hot since June, which is likely increasing interest from other teams.

Wigginton is an interesting player, as he can play all over the field. Since his first taste of the bigs in 2002, he has been employed at first, second, third base and even right and left field. That being said, he is not a special defender at any of those positions. He has seen the most action at third base in his career.

I see Wigginton as a sort of right-handed Eric Hinske, but he doesn’t hit lefties especially well, he’s not a great glove guy and he isn’t a huge base stealer, so I’m not sure how much he would add to this team, other than injury depth. He’s currently on a 1-year, $2.7 million contract. Tampa Bay is said to be seeking a veteran reliever, so I wouldn’t count on the Sox giving them one of those, unless they’d take Joel Pineiro. I’d be very surprised if Wigginton comes to Beantown.

The Yankees were said to be interested in him as a first baseman a while back, and they continue to have interest, so maybe the Red Sox are just driving up the price with their “interest”. The Twins are also said to be targeting Wigginton.


2 Responses to Trades: What about Ty Wigginton?

  1. firedannyainge says:

    I don’t see him making much of a difference if he does come here and I personally will never get wanting half the Tampa Bay Devil Ray team in Boston.

    (not my site)

  2. donchoi says:

    I wouldn’t give up much for him, but if you can grab him as insurance for a player you don’t need, why not? It’ll keep him away from the Yanks.

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