Trades: Jermaine Dye trade in the works?

Gordon Edes has said today that the Red Sox are close to completing a trade for Jermaine Dye today. The rumored deal would have Wily Mo Pena and a minor league pitcher, either Manny Delcarmen or Justin Masterson, going to the White Sox.

The Dye talks had been thought to be dead, because Kenny Williams was asking for Hideki Okajima initially. The Red Sox have told Dye that if he waived his no-trade clause, they would start him at least five days a week, and guarantee some incentive clauses in his contract.

If acquired, Dye would step in to at least platoon in right field with J.D. Drew, and he could also rotate with Manny Ramirez in left and David Ortiz at DH. The only major upside I see with getting Dye is that he provides some insurance against Big Papi’s knee this season.

UPDATE: Edes has backtracked on this post, saying that Theo Epstein is holding out for a lower price tag. I might give up Kason Gabbard or David Pauley, but not one of the above names, so I’m with you, Theo.


2 Responses to Trades: Jermaine Dye trade in the works?

  1. donchoi says:

    There is some speculation that David Ortiz’s knee may be worse than he’s let on, and the Sox might need Dye for insurance. Should that be the case, Ortiz needs to rest right now so he can be healthy for the playoffs.

  2. firedannyainge says:

    I agree 100% Rest Ortiz. He has pretty much been useless this year.

    I can’t believe they thought we would give up

    (not my site)

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