Trades: White Sox were asking for Okajima

We could use another right-handed outfielder who can hit for power, and hit lefties. I don’t disagree with that. And you guys know that I am not at all in favor of getting Jermaine Dye. The 33-year old outfielder has already had more than his share of injuries, is not a good defender, and is having a miserable season.

But a bit of news that surfaced over the weekend: Nick Cafardo of the Globe revealed that one of the players that would have been included in that deal would have been Hideki Okajima, so the Red Sox backed out. You gotta be kidding me. To give up out most reliable reliever for an overpaid outfielder? You gotta be crazy. Okajima is one of the main reasons we are where we are right now. That’s a step backwards, in my book, not forwards.

Chicago GM Kenny Williams is not very successful on the trade front this season because he is just asking for the moon and the stars in every deal. First he wanted Jacoby Ellsbury and either Jon Lester or Clay Buchholz for Mark Buehrle, now this. Forget this guy. We don’t need Dye.


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