Trades: Delcarmen may be included for Dye

Everyone has heard that the White Sox would take Wily Mo Pena and Manny Delcarmen for Jermaine Dye. Now it seems like that deal could happen.

With the injury concerns of this bullpen, the only way that makes sense is if the Sox make another trade to bring a proven setup man here. The Boston Herald has the Red Sox leading in the race for Eric Gagne, but it is thought that Gagne doesn’t want to come here, and he could veto a trade to Boston, so the Red Sox would likely have to overpay for someone like Octavio Dotel or Chad Cordero. Jim Bowden has been asking for a lot for Cordero, but with the deadline looming, he may drop his price some.

If you ask me, this trade would be excellent for the White Sox. Pena could hit 35 HR a year if given a starting job, and might not embarrass himself too much in left field. Delcarmen throws some serious heat and a nasty bender, and could be a top setup guy in the future, if he continues to develop. All that for a veteran they’re probably not going to keep anyway. That’s far better than two sandwich picks for letting Dye walk.

It would seem the Red Sox are more desperate to land Dye than I thought. This may have something to do with David Ortiz and his knee.


One Response to Trades: Delcarmen may be included for Dye

  1. donchoi says:

    It’s going to come down to the wire on this one. If Chicago caves, we’ll get Dye. I expect us to probably get Gagne in this scenario.

    If Kenny Williams holds out, we’ll likely deal for Bobby Kielty. In this case, Wily Mo Pena will still need to be traded, and we’ll spin him and someone else to the Washington Nationals for Chad Cordero.

    Personally, I like the second scenario better.

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