64-42: Beckett Bested by Bedard

The Orioles took the first game of the three-game homestand last night, 5-3.

Josh Beckett (13-5) missed his chance to get win #14 again. After giving up a home run to Brian Roberts on the first pitch of the game, Beckett settled down. But a rough third inning proved to be too much for the Red Sox on this night. Jay Payton hit a single with one out, and it was Roberts again delivering an RBI-double. Roberts then stole third base. Corey Patterson walked and stole second base, and both runners scored on a single by Kevin Millar. Beckett went eight innings, but give up five runs and was tagged for the loss.

He was not happy with himself, as he attacked a water cooler in the dugout. His post-game interview was loaded with expletives. Chill out a little, Josh.

Not much happened on the offensive side for the Sox. Erik Bedard (11-4) is one of he best lefties in baseball right now, and he held the Sox to two hits in six innings, though he did walk five men. True to form, we left 17 men on base…

All the runs came on two home runs by David Ortiz– a two-run shot off Bedard in the 3rd, and a solo job in the eighth. The only other Red Sox to record a hit was Coco Crisp. Our lineup looked pathetic against Bedard, who got a little help from the home plate umpire. All night Jim Joyce was giving him a big soft zone just below the knees. Both Julio Lugo and Manny Ramirez were rung up on similar pitches which were kind of questionable strikes.


2 Responses to 64-42: Beckett Bested by Bedard

  1. firedannyainge says:

    This was a horrible game. I was there it was hot, sticky and boring as can be. Beckett is back to being bad the second half of the year and we got no help at the deadline (that we needed)


    (not my site)


  2. donchoi says:

    Yeah, I know it can be tough after seeing a terrible game like that one. But I wouldn’t go so far as to say Beckett is back to being bad. He could have easily won a couple of these second-half games with a little run support.

    We didn’t make a big move, but neither did the Angels or the Tigers. I still like our chances in the playoffs. It’s all up to people staying healthy at this point.

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