Kielty signs a minor league contract

Bobby Kielty has signed a minor league deal with the Boston Red Sox, ostensibly to be their fourth outfielder for the stretch run. Despite the Yankees showing a lot of interest, Kielty said that, “Boston was No. 1 from the get-go.”

The switch-hitter will be a welcome addition to the Red Sox bench, and should be a great role player for us down the stretch.

The Sox have asked him to start at Pawtucket in an attempt to avoid losing Wily Mo Pena, who, because of his major league experience, can not be demoted without first being put on waivers. Kielty has a clause which allows him to opt out if he isn’t called up in one week, so let’s see what Theo has cooking.


One Response to Kielty signs a minor league contract

  1. donchoi says:

    UPDATE: Rob Bradford reports that Wily Mo Pena has just cleared waivers. This paves the way for either a waiver trade or an outright release. Given that no one claimed Pena, he won’t be easy to trade.

    This means that Kielty will be called up, and soon.

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