Speaking of run support

While Daisuke Matsuzaka pitched great tonight against Tampa Bay and took another hard luck loss, 2-1, former Red Sox Kason Gabbard was the recipient of some serious run support. His record went to 6-1 on the season as the Texas Rangers scored 30 runs tonight on Baltimore, en route to a 30-3 victory. It’s the first time since 1897 that anyone has scored that many runs. Wow.

Dice-K should have at least 15 wins right now, in my opinion. Can we order some of whatever the Rangers are having?


4 Responses to Speaking of run support

  1. Judy says:

    I wonder when the Red Sox are finally going to admit that they made a really big boo boo when they gave up Gabbard! and I am sure the Braves could say the same about Saltalamacchia! Let’s hear it for the Ranger who at least have a tremendous regard for young talent. These two young men deserve everything that is coming to them in their new club!

  2. donchoi says:

    I think Gabbard is a very talented young lefty who could have a nice career in the big leagues, but I don’t agree that it was necessarily a mistake to trade him. Future Boston rotations just don’t have room for Kason, with Beckett, Matsuzaka, Wakefield, Lester and Buchholz and possibly Schilling all in the mix. To me, the question is not whether it was ok to trade Gabbard, but whether we got an adequate return for him and David Murphy.

    Everyone has to agree that Gagne hasn’t looked like much so far, but it would be a mistake to judge this trade less than a month after it happened. We’ll know in October if Theo made a huge gaffe or not. Remember that Gagne is one of only six relievers in baseball history to win a Cy Young. If Gagne can regain some of his form, he provides some serious bullpen insurance for us, and with the way we are not hitting, we will need the bullpen to win this year.

    High salary teams like the Red Sox and Yankees don’t have much room for homegrown talent, unless they quickly prove themselves (a la Youkilis and Pedroia) or look like potential stars (Lester and Buchholz). Prospects who don’t meet one of these two categories are destined to become trade bait for established veterans, and inevitably we will get burned from time to time. Let’s just hope that Gabbard doesn’t become a really bad burn.

  3. firedannyainge says:

    He should have 18 wins including tonight. He is the new Wakefield.


  4. donchoi says:

    Yeah, it was pretty disheartening to see Damon hit the go ahead HR after Tek’s HR tied it at 3. Every start that Matsuzaka has given up a lot of runs could have been very different based on just a couple of pitches, which is why he’s a huge breakout candidate next year. I see him with 18 wins next season, seriously.

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