Ridiculous article at MLB.com

Tom Singer posted something the other day that is really drawing ire, and not just from me. How many of you read this article? Did you vomit in your mouth like I did, reading his comparison of Chien-Ming Wang and Josh Beckett as Cy Young hopefuls? He writes:

If Cy Young balloting were like some cell phone plans, Wang would be a shoo-in thanks to rollover votes. He didn’t receive a single first-place vote last year, even though he matched winner Johan Santana’s 19-6 record. So now he is producing a carbon copy, with no one even close to his two-year record of 37-12 (Santana is 34-17, Justin Verlander 33-14, Roy Halladay 30-12).

Is he really comparing Wang with guys like Santana and Verlander? And the only piece of evidence he uses to support his candidate is won/loss record? Do you think it helps to have baseball’s best offense backing you up, maybe? What do you think Johan Santana’s two-year record would be, if he were a Yankee instead of a Twin? Chien-Ming is a nice pitcher, but he couldn’t hold those guys’ wangs if he tried.

He writes of Beckett:

For the fourth consecutive season, Beckett has raised his victory total and has become a smart pitcher, not just a hothead thrower. Leading evidence of that is having more than halved both his walks (74 to 36) and homer yields (36 to 14). But he doesn’t stand out on his staff as Wang does on his; not even close.

Okay, let me get this straight. Because the rest of the Yankees staff sucks, Wang should win the award over Beckett? This logic does not at all make sense, and is not a consideration for the Cy Young Award. If we were talking MVP, maybe. But we’re not. He goes on to give Joe Borowski honorable mention for the Cy Young. Uh, never in a million years, guy. What are you on?

Singer is really ignorant about baseball, if this article is any indication. How is it that he’s writing for MLB.com? My thought was that he must be a ridiculous homer for the Yanks. I looked him up, and Singer is indeed based in New York City. Dude, where’s your professionalism?


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