Ready to kick it off in Boston: Yankees/Red Sox

The town is abuzz with excitement, because the Yankees are in town. With the lead currently at 5 1/2 games, the Red Sox are looking to exact revenge on the Yankees, and seal their divisional title. Bronx Bombers come into town having won seven of their last eight, and their one loss was 2-1 last night at Toronto. But don’t forget, the Red Sox went to New York coming off of a ridiculously dominant sweep of the Chicago White Sox, and got swept there.

While some New York homers are singing the praises of their pitching right now, I don’t buy it. They’ve had a good stretch, but our staff is still better and deeper, and we will prove it in this series. I predict that the Sox will take two of three games, and that Daisuke Matsuzaka is going to come up huge tonight. I think that last start was enough to wake him up to the fact that he’s got to change his approach, and it seemed that both Farrell and Tito had a plan for how to fix him. Besides, he has a reputation for showing up in the hottest of spotlights. Yes, I know he’s got a 6.98 ERA against the Yanks this season. That sounds like it’s ripe for some regression to the mean.

It’ll be a great series, with some classic matchups. I feel good about it; the lineup is producing again, Big Papi is heating up at the right time and Manny should hopefully be back. J.D. Drew is swing a hot stick again, and we are pretty healthy on the offensive side of the ball, if not the bullpen so much.


6 Responses to Ready to kick it off in Boston: Yankees/Red Sox

  1. firedannyainge says:

    I am so not in the mood for this right I will be at tonights game. My first Yankee/ RED SOX game and I am so nervous.

    We need to put NY away and IMO we just don’t have that killer instinct but boy do I hope I am wrong.

  2. bleedred says:

    Get PUMPED! This weekend is going to be fantastic.

    Matsuzaka vs Pettitte kicking it off.

    Beckett vs. Wang in a potential Cy Young decider.

    Schil vs. Clemens – Classic in and of itself.

    It’s a damn shame the Pat’s game is also Sunday night at 8:00. Get your remote ready and be sure to have spare batteries in hand.

  3. oldskool138 says:


    Have a blast! I went to my first Yankees/Red Sox game last year and it was crazy! What will surprise you is the amount of Yankees fans there. Have fun!

  4. firedannyainge says:

    Thanks Oldskool. I will try and have fun if I don’t die of a heart (This is my first Red Sox Skankee game)

    I hate Yankee fans:)

  5. Pat says:

    I had a terrible fear in me that the Yanks were just a better team than us because of the offense and the few good starters. You’ve been saying all along that the yanks are the team that we’ve just scored 17 points against in two games. I think I finally feel comfortable about our team and October.

    Much respect to Dice for throwing a winning game in the matchup many thought for a loss (we did lose but so what?).

    And based on Sabathias record of quality starts, and that he’s on a playoff team, I’d conceed the Cy to him over Josh.

  6. donchoi says:

    Right now, no one can touch the Yankees’ second half record. They are the best team in baseball right now. But we gave ’em a run for their money and could have (should’ve, would’ve) won all three games.

    From this point, let’s just get the team healthy and light a fire under them for the playoffs, what do you say?

    I agree that Sabathia is probably Beckett’s closest rival. We’ll see how things pan out the next couple of starts for both of them.

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