What’s really good for the team?

A lot of analysts are calling fans ignorant and impatient, and saying that Red Sox Nation is upset because we are emotionally averse to seeing the Yankees overtake us and win the division again. They say that all that matters is getting into the playoffs, no matter how. And in a literal sense, they’re right.

But I still don’t agree with them. First of all, I am not saying we should run out our first squad every game and to hell with all the injuries. Far from it. I’ve been saying all along that we need to get healthy, we need to get ready for the playoffs. But there are two important points that need to be made here:

  1. We don’t need to throw games unnecessarily. That’s what I call the last game with the Yankees, where Francona stuck with Schilling after the Giambi double. The guy did a great job, the game’s still tied at 1-1. He can pitch well again, save his arm for the playoffs. Instead, Francona chooses to pitch the guy longer and wear him out; take a bigger risk of injury with each pitch after he’s fatigued. And after the three-run home run, he ends up feeling bad about a good outing. How does that help us prepare for the playoffs? The whole philosophy seems contradictory to me.
    That’s what I call sticking with Eric Gagne too long in that Toronto game. Okay, you want to see what Gagne is capable of in a pressure situation, sure. But how much more do you need to see? He clearly lost it in that outing, and wasn’t capable of throwing strikes. Once you walk three guys in an inning and walk in the tying run, that should be it for you, pressure or not. It’s not like that’s the last chance you have to evaluate him. Let him pitch the next day, after he can clear his head. Take him out with the game tied 2-2, and maybe you salvage that one. How about finding out what Jacoby Ellsbury can do with the game tied?
  2. We are sending the wrong message. Why do you think Julio Lugo didn’t run out that ground ball last night? Why is there no fire, no intensity from this team? Why did we lose 5 of our last 6? Because of all these things are telling players that the games that count are over; take a break. It’s okay, we don’t care about winning at all until October 1. It’s a psychological letdown; we don’t even have the best record in baseball any longer! We are sinking fast. The invincible bullpen is faltering, the lineup is anemic (and no wonder, with Manny, Youk and Crisp all sitting). And except for the St. Louis Cardinals last year, that’s a recipe for disaster going into the playoffs. Whatever their regular season record, the teams that are playing badly going into October are not standing at the end of October.

So get it together, guys, and let’s see some October baseball a little early!

3 Responses to What’s really good for the team?

  1. firedannyainge says:

    The media is full of idiots especially the Boston media.

    The division matters or there would be no division. The division REALLY matters when you have a 14 game lead in May, a 7 game lead with two and a half weeks to go in the season and you still fall a part.

    You are 100% about the guys on this team quitting. I will add you to the list of people I know that feel that way.


  2. oldskool138 says:

    I’m sick of all the guys on Nitwit Radio screaming about how “The division doesn’t matta!!!”. Yeah, it does matter. It matters to the fans and I’d like to think to the team as well. Why do they put up a white banner on the side of Fenway Park when the Sox win the division?

    The division matters to me, not only because I want to see the Yankees win the darn thing 10 years in a row but also because I don’t want to call the Sox a bunch of chokers (14 1/2 game lead only to lose it in the last two weeks of the season).

    Well, it’s great that the the Sox are getting their rest now…I suppose. I just hope they know what they’re doing. Momentum is huge going into October. The Sox will lose the division since the Yankees have a much easier schedule than the Sox.

  3. donchoi says:

    The Sox need to make up some ground in Tampa this weekend, but to our benefit, Detroit is seriously falling behind in the wildcard race. Torre should start sitting a lot of Yankees regulars as well, so that can only help our chances at fending off the Yanks.

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