Looks like it’s the Angels

Well, given the current standings, it looks pretty certain that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will be our opponents in the ALDS. They will come into Fenway either next Wednesday or Thursday, depending on which schedule the Red Sox choose (7 days or 8 days). I say we go 7 days because our starting staff is deeper than the Angels, and it’d be nice to pit the Yankees against C.C. Sabathia and Fausto Carmona for two games each. If the Yankees advance, they will have done it against the stiffest starting pitching. If the Indians advance, that means one or both of those aces may be tired for the ALCS. Either way is good for us.

The Angels had some recent bad luck with injuries, with their starting centerfielder Gary Matthews, Jr. day-to-day after injuring his leg yesterday against the Rangers. He’s had niggling issues with patellar tendinitis, so he could take some time to get back to 100%. He needs to be fully mobile to play in center, obviously. Perhaps more concerning for Angels fans is that Vladimir Guerrero is also day-to-day with a sore forearm after being hit by a pitch earlier this week. He should be fine by next week, but anything’s a cause of concern this late in the season.


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