Stop complaining about the offense already

Alright, I’ve been guilty of this too, but I’ve come around on this one. This Red Sox lineup is actually pretty good when it comes down to it. When you measure a team’s offense, you have to look at runs scored, end of story. You put up more runs, whether by slugging it out of the yard or walking a lot, and your team wins more. Here’s how the Red Sox stack up in the AL this season: 3rd in runs and 2nd in overall OPS, for you fellow stat geeks. Not much to complain about here. Oh, but they’re not the Sox of 2004 and 2005. That much is true, but the size of the differential might surprise you:

2007	854*	.805
2006	820	.786
2005	910	.811
2004	949	.832
2003	961	.851
2002	859	.789
2001	772	.773
2000	792	.764

*159 games played

All in all, not a bad performance by the team. This team has scored the 5th most runs and has the 4th highest OPS of any Red Sox squad since 2000. And we do still have three games left (we have a good shot at passing the 2002 team). Any way you look at it, this lineup can score. It’s not always the prettiest thing, and we haven’t seen those big comeback victories as often as we’d like, but we can score with any team but the Yankees. Good thing we can outpitch them.


2 Responses to Stop complaining about the offense already

  1. Pat says:

    We’ve won the east!!!! I stayed up late and followed the Yanks game. The Orioles have helped us out all season, crumbling under us, and sticking it to the yankees. It’s fitting that they would seal the deal for us.

    I’m feeling very good about this team post season now. I think our top three pitchers will be able to perform. Perhaps we will see June Dice again? I hope so.

    And, of course, David is foaming at the mouth.

    This is my favorite sox blog out of a lot, and I’ll be following your post into the post season.

  2. donchoi says:

    Hey Pat, thanks for reading! Please see my new post on clinching last night.

    I think Dice-K will pleasantly surprise some people. Despite 5 earned runs, his last start was not so bad, either. Hopefully this win will give him enough confidence to really start hurling it again.

    We just need to get Manny back to swinging at 80-90%, and we should be all set. I’m sort of glad the Angels are not a team that we need to outslug to win.

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