ALDS Game 1: Sox continue to own Lackey

Steven Krasner has tonight’s lineup for us on the ProJo blog.

Pedroia 2b
Youkilis 1b
Ortiz dh
Ramirez lf
Lowell 3b
Drew rf
Varitek c
Crsip cf
Lugo ss

Beckett p

[Live blogging the game]

As I write, starter John Lackey is falling apart in the 3rd inning. The Red Sox have gone ahead 4-0 on two solo home runs by Kevin Youkilis and David Ortiz, and an RBI single by Mike Lowell. The Sox have tallied 8 hits already, and the only reason this game is not over already is that Julio Lugo was called out at 2nd on a VERY questionable steal call to end the second, and J.D. Drew grounded into a double play to end the 3rd.

Josh Beckett is just in control; his fastball has been humming at 97-98 mph since the first inning, so you know he’s pumped. He just struck out Orlando Cabrera on a nasty pitch on the corner. His command is on, and I have yet to see even so much as a hard foul off of him thus far.

Mark it down, Sox lead this series 1-0.

[Session 2]

Here it is, 7th inning stretch, and Beckett’s only given up 2 hits and thrown 88 pitches. The way this is going, Beckett’s gonna go eight and Papelbon will finish it off just to intimidate them. The Angels got nothin’ all night, and if they keep up their horrible road play, this series is all but over. If the Sox get ahead like this, the Angels’ small ball tactics won’t be of much use to them.

The Halos are pretty banged up, but look for them to play Guererro anyway on Friday in order to get one better bat into the lineup. They’ll probably DH Juan Rivera.

Ervin Santana in the game now. Coco Crisp has made a couple of heads up reads in centerfield already tonight, more than making up for a weak 0-3 at the plate tonight.

[9th inning]

Never mind, Beckett’s out there throwing gas in the ninth. Can you say complete game shutout? That’s a nice way to start the playoffs, with a very nice running, sliding grab in left from Jacoby Ellsbury.

If Lackey wins the Cy Young over Beckett this year, I’m gonna puke.


3 Responses to ALDS Game 1: Sox continue to own Lackey

  1. Pat says:

    Too bad they don’t consider post season preformances for Cy Young Awards. It will be hard for them to ignore this anyways.

    Though, being fair, based on the numbers, I think Sabathia is more deserving of the award.

  2. donchoi says:

    I agree that Sabathia is Beckett’s only real competitor for the Cy. Sabathia pitched more innings and had slightly better control. Beckett actually had a better strikeout rate, but I think one key is Sabathia’s 4 complete games (1 shutout) to Beckett’s 1 CG.

    Beckett has the slightest of edges in DIPS ERA and component ERA, but Sabathia had 4 tough losses to Beckett’s 2. In a race as close as this one, they may give it to Sabathia because he’s not a Red Sox (and I fully expect Pedroia to be AL RoY).

  3. firedannyainge says:

    Beckett was hurt and missed several starts. Then when he came back he was shaky. If he had been healthy all year he could have had 25 wins and if Sabathia gets credit what could have been then so does Beckett.

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