Why our pitching is definitely the best in the bigs

You already know that our team ERA was 3.87 this year, best in the AL. But did you know that the park factor for runs at Fenway this year is 1.177, the highest in baseball? That means that teams score more at Fenway than anywhere else because of the Green Monster, because of the huge right field, because of the wind, infield grass, everything.

Our pitching staff had a 3.59 ERA on the road this season, and if you adjust our home ERA of 4.13 by that park factor… Voila, you get 3.50, or a total adjusted ERA of 3.54. So it’s not that we’re worse at home; Sox pitchers actually throw slightly better at home.

Compared to that, the other team ERAs aren’t so impressive anymore. Here’s a new adjusted ERA where I corrected just the home ERA splits for park factor:

Team		TotERA	HomeERA	RdERA	Home PF		AdjERA
Toronto		4.00	3.67	4.34	0.944 		4.11
Cleveland	4.05	4.18	3.92	1.120		3.83
Minnesota	4.15	3.83	4.50	0.867		4.46
LA Angels	4.23	3.85	4.63	1.085		4.09
Oakland		4.28	3.79	4.81	0.833		4.68
San Diego	3.70	3.02	4.42	0.755		4.21
Chicago Cubs	4.04	4.19	3.88	1.172		3.73
Atlanta		4.11	3.96	4.27	0.912		4.31
San Francisco	4.19	4.01	4.39	0.987		4.23
LA Dodgers	4.20	4.24	4.16	1.053		4.09
NY Mets		4.26 	4.20	4.32	0.916		4.45

That’s why we’re the best. Conclusively.

It also shows you why home field advantage is crucial to us in this ALDS. The Angels are incredibly good at home, even better than their splits suggest. But their pitching has been terrible on the road.

It also shows you why Cleveland is a really tough matchup for us, because they have the second best staff in the AL.


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