Todd Jones picks the Angels to win it all

Wow, I’m having trouble finding people who will say that they’ll take the ALDS, much less the World Series. If they manage to plow through Boston and the Yankees with an ailing roster, they deserve to win it all. But Mr. Jones’ reasons aren’t terribly convincing, in my book:

My pick to win the pennant, however, is the Angels. They have the best team. Notice I said team. They hit, pitch and play defense. They’re like an N.L. team with a DH. Two of their speedier guys, Reggie Willits and Chone Figgins, are like David Eckstein times two. They get on base for the aircraft carrier who is Vlad Guerrero. This guy can hit when he’s sleeping. Their bullpen is deep, and K-Rod already has a ring.

Every time he mentions the Angels, you could substitute Red Sox in there and it would be true, maybe even more true. As the saying goes, “Anything you can do, we can do better.” We actually have three speedy guys in Jacoby Ellsbury, Coco Crisp and Julio Lugo. They have a combined 70 SB this season; Figgins and Willits’ total? 68. Our team leads the AL in OBP, and our #1 and #2 guys, Dustin Pedroia (.380) and Kevin Youkilis (.390), get on base more than Chone Figgins (.393) and Orlando Cabrera (.345). And if Vladimir Guerrero is an aircraft carrier, David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez are the whole North Atlantic Fleet. The key for them is they hit when they’re awake, not just in their dreams. And as deep as their bullpen is, ours is deeper and better, and Jonathan Papelbon is the top closer in the AL. Paps may not have a ring yet, but he’s itching to get one.

Look, the Angels are a good ballclub, and I still don’t think we can sweep them. But with the injuries they’re dealing with and down 0-1 with the way it went on Wednesday, it’s going to take a mammoth effort just to reach game 5.


2 Responses to Todd Jones picks the Angels to win it all

  1. Pat says:

    Still don’t think we can sweep?

  2. donchoi says:

    It’s looking better, but I’d say 50/50 at this point. The Angels are extremely dangerous at home, and they are playing for pride. Of course, they could just fold, but I don’t think so. Depends a lot on whether Guerrero can hit or not.

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