Epstein “sure” that Sox will keep Lowell

Lowell congratulatedTheo Epstein told the Boston Herald that the Sox are planning on keeping Mike Lowell after he becomes a free agent at the end of this season. There has been much speculation about where the 34-year old Gold Glove third basemen could end up for 2008 and beyond, with the top possibilities looking to be Boston, Philadelphia, or possibly with the New York Yankees, should Alex Rodriguez opt out of his contract there.

Said Epstein:

(Re-signing Lowell is) a priority for the offseason, and I’m sure we’ll be able to get something done. We have a desire to keep him here a long time. He’s a core member of the organization. It’s just not the time to talk about that.

It was thought that the Sox would offer him two years, and no more. As I wrote earlier, I think Lowell merits at minimum a 2-year deal worth about $12-14M per year. However, this year’s market for third basemen is really thin, and free agent bidding might force the Red Sox to tack on another year, and perhaps an additional option, at the same price. I’d like to see the Sox limit the deal to 3 years and $40 million if possible.

Signing A-Rod would be an incredible offensive boost, but at what cost? No player is worth $30M per season, because it handcuffs you everywhere else. Let’s wait and see what happens after the Series.


8 Responses to Epstein “sure” that Sox will keep Lowell

  1. FireDannyAinge says:

    I don’t agree he is worth 12 million a year. Not at his age. No denying he should be here next year but if they pay him more then 8 million a year it will be a mistake.


  2. redsoxtalk says:

    FDA, there’s no way you can get him at that price, I’m sorry. He’s gonna get 3-4 years at about $12-15M this offseason. So we just hope he feels good enough from this season to want to give us a slight discount and not hit the open market.

    If we let him walk, what do you propose for 3rd base next year? A-Rod? Or you gonna move a Gold Glove from 1st in Youkilis? Youk is a great player, but Lowell is much better defensively at 3rd than he is.

  3. ericpalmieri says:

    I agree with fire danny. I don’t think he’s going to come close to doing what he did this year again. I say SELL HIGH on Mike Lowell. I love him, hes been outstanding, and he’s been a class act.

    But I think his time is just about up.

    They should only keep him if the price is right.

  4. ericpalmieri says:

    When I say “sell high,” I mean let him go and spend that money on younger talent.

  5. Pat says:

    The thing that’s funny about Mike Lowell is he has exceeded expectations two years in a row. Who’s to say he won’t preform as well in 2008? I agree that 3 years should be our max, and that we will be forced to overpay him, but we might as well.

    I just want to see this team have enough money freed up to land one or two really good players, pitchers in particular. If Clement’s contract is up, and we don’t Re-sign Shilling, and if we trade Coco, I think we’ll have plenty. Although looking ahead to the future, who could replace Manny’s bat in the lineup for ’09?

  6. Flairtender says:


    Mike Lowell is at the peak of his performance in his career, and will likely remain in the .300+ range into his late 30’s. He’s locked in. The Sox would be very wise to make strong efforts to keep him…and likely will. He is loved here in beantown, and we can only hope he feels the same way. Even at 13M per year @ 4yrs, he is a smart choice. Plus, keeping him allows for more flexibility with players like Youk and other rising stars.
    Boston is confident that Theo & co. will do the right thing.

  7. redsoxtalk says:

    Well, looking at his career numbers as a reference, I could see Lowell hitting about .290/.350/.480 in 2008, with about 20 HRs. FDA and Eric, The WARP prediction I made above is pretty conservative, taking into account Lowell’s terrible 2005 season as well; if he can provide close to that much actual value, that’s not a bad contract at all.

    He has been very healthy since coming here, but I do see four years as potentially a problem, because he would be nearly 38 at the end of that deal; three years just seems safer, as I am pretty confident about his next two years being productive. I might advocate letting him go if there were a good 3B option available via FA or trade. The more I think about it, I less I want the Sox to get A-Rod.

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