2007 World Series Game 4: Lester, Sox sweep!!!

Congratulations to our Red Sox, who are the 2007 World Champions!

I will dispense with my detailed comments tonight, and just give recognition for those who really helped to nail this game:

Jon Lester, who pitched 5 2/3 tough innings, winning his first career postseason game, allowing no runs on only three hits and three walks. He pitched like a veteran, and proved he belongs on this staff. No one will be talking about the cancer next season, just his pitching ability. And from the looks of it, there will be plenty to talk about. Big assist to Jason Varitek, as always. He gives these young pitchers the confidence to perform in any situation.

Jacoby Ellsbury, whose leadoff double, speed and defense allowed the Sox to control this one from the get-go. What a start to his young career, to hit .360/.429/.520 in his first postseason. Not to mention all the free tacos he got for us. Johnny who?

Mike Lowell, whose solo shot in the 7th inning finally knocked out Colorado starter Aaron Cook. His bat, defense and heads up play earned him MVP honors for the Series, and warmed the hearts of Red Sox Nation. What a class guy.

Bobby Kielty, whose incredibly clutch, pinch-hit homer off Brian Fuentes to lead off the 8th inning extended the lead to a safe distance, even after the Rockies staged yet another comeback attempt. Do you know how hard that is, to walk in off the bench and hit the first pitch 492 feet? Acquired to hit left-handers indeed.

Mike Timlin, who got two CRITICAL strikeouts to end the bottom of the 7th when Manny Delcarmen got into trouble.

And last but not least, Jonathan Papelbon, who got five outs to send all of Red Sox Nation into ecstasy. Awesome, just awesome. What a season!

It’s pretty amazing to see the Sox win it again so soon, considering where the other previous champions are these days. The 2003 Marlins. The 2005 White Sox. The 2006 Cardinals. Shall I continue? It’s a testament to the quality of this organization. More later, it’s time to party!


3 Responses to 2007 World Series Game 4: Lester, Sox sweep!!!

  1. Pat says:

    I know you mean everyone you didn’t mention disrespect but I gotta give lots of love to the real Big Papi, Terry Francona. I don’t even know where to start, so I’ll just leave it at that.

  2. Pat says:

    shoulda proof read that.

    edit: I know you didn’t mean anyone disrespect

  3. redsoxtalk says:

    Hey, I don’t want to take away from how much Tito means to this ballclub. Francona did a great job during the whole Series with the double switches, and he handled the pitchers as well as he usually does. But I was just focusing on Game 4 in this post.

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