Elias gives Gagne a ‘B’

The Elias Sports Bureau has released the annual player rankings for this season, and it ain’t pretty for the Red Sox. Eric Gagne, once thought to be a lock for type A status, has been classified as type B. The rules for this designation changed for this season, with only the top 20% of free agents being type A, instead of 30% as in previous years. Ouch. Other possible Boston free agents ranked are as follows:

Mike Lowell (A)
Curt Schilling (A)
Eric Gagne (B)
Mike Timlin (B)
Tim Wakefield (B)

This is significant because instead of two compensatory picks before the second round for Gagne, now Boston will only receive one sandwich pick after the second round. He didn’t miss by too much, but I guess it makes sense- why should Gagne stop shafting the Red Sox now?


One Response to Elias gives Gagne a ‘B’

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    Another issue with signing Curt Schilling is this type A designation. We can pay him $13M for what is likely to be a shortened season, or we can take the two high picks and sign someone else short term. It looks more and more likely that they will let him walk.

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