Schilling is back!

Curt Schilling has just re-signed with the Boston Red Sox for $8M with up to $2M in salary incentives, according to Buster Olney of ESPN. Awesome contract for the Sox.

UPDATE: The $2M is purportedly for Schilling staying in shape over course of the season; he will have a couple of weigh-ins to make that. There is also an additional $3-4M in incentives he could earn based on games started or innings pitched, according to preliminary reports. Not the most dignified contract, but both sides get what they really want, so it works out. If Curt had an agent, he probably could have done a little better.


8 Responses to Schilling is back!

  1. frankg8922 says:

    Low Risk, High Reward. The right move on Boston’s part. Schilling will win 10 games and the lessons he teaches those younger pitchers will be invaluable

  2. redsoxtalk says:

    I’d suggest that 10 games is a little on the conservative side. I fully expect him to pitch about 160-170 innings and win 13 next year.

  3. steel49 says:

    Mr. Schilling,

    Glad, your back!!!!! I think the right move was made!!
    Didn’t want to loose the man who brought us the first world series in 86 yrs. What a gamer.

  4. jespah says:

    Glad he’s back.

  5. Pat says:

    He definetly deserves some credit for loyalty. This was generous on his part. I also appreciate that this addresses the concerns I had about Shillings offseason habits, and how well he stays in shape. I was worried that such a contract could be insulting to a player, but I think Shilling is pleased with his deal.

  6. redsoxtalk says:

    Yeah, he made some pretty big concessions for a player as accomplished as he is. A lot of players would have walked away from a weight clause and that much in incentives, and he could have gotten at least $12M guaranteed elsewhere, given the widespread interest in him. I think this only intensifies Schilling’s relationship with Red Sox Nation.

  7. buddha4782 says:

    Congratulation to Curt Schilling’s second ring in a Red Sox uniform. After sitting in a damp pressbox at Dunn Field in Elmira, NY, next to the local sportswriter who hated the Red Sox (Mets fan) but covered the team because it was local news, I’m proud to say that I announced Curt’s debut in 1986. Almost 10 years after Wade Boggs graced that field, and 2 years before the Cleveland Indians manager, Eric Wedge, arrived.


  8. mojo9504 says:

    This is my first entry here, I just found out about this. I do not even know if you ( Curt ) will even read this, but nevertheless I will write this. I have been a Red Sox fan sense 1967 and as many Red Sox fans can tell you that we have all seen many strange things even before my time (Babe Ruth curse), but that is over, let me get to the point. You Mr. Schilling are a worrier. Beating the Yankees in game 6 ( bloody Sock) was the most amazing thing I had ever seen as a Red Sox fan. I told my cousin in Denver after winning the World Series, I can now die in peace. You have no idea the impact you have had to many Red Sox fans. I am very happy to see you back and I do not think I have seen a player show so much loyalty besides YAZ ( A hand shake with Mr. Yawkey for his contract) and now Lowell to stay in Boston. WOW, is baseball changing, I think not, but at least there is little bit of old time baseball back in beatown. Curt, your a hero in my book and beleive me, you will never be forgotten in this town. God Bless you and your family and welcome back. Hey Curt, go out and win the Cy Young award this year.

    Respectfully Joe

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