Lowell considering an official offer from Sox

The Boston Herald has reported that the Sox have extended a three-year offer to Mike Lowell worth between $35 and $45M. This is a departure from early team thinking about Lowell, which was to limit any deal to just two years. It has been speculated that in this year’s thin third base market (and the Yankees hunting for a replacement for Alex Rodriguez), the 34-year old veteran could command a 4-year deal and $50-60M.

While Red Sox Nation has been pleading for Lowell to re-sign, the third basemen has not tipped any of his cards and is keeping silent on what he is going to do. Theo Epstein has had to look into possible contingency plans, which could include A-Rod or Hank Blalock. Boston could, alternatively, sign a first baseman and move Gold Glover Kevin Youkilis over to third base, though that seems like a waste. It is thought that the Sox have given up pursuing Miguel Cabrera, because the Marlins are insisting on receiving both Jacoby Ellsbury AND Clay Buchholz in return. Uh, that’s not happening.

Lowell has always said he loves playing in Boston, and I think he does. On the other hand, he was drafted by the Yankees in 1995 but never got to play for them at the major league level. Let’s wait and see what happens with this one.


3 Responses to Lowell considering an official offer from Sox

  1. Mike says:

    From looking at the Sox club as a whole and being an outsider not knowing whta it’s like to have the money these players have, if I were a player that made it to the bigs and had the fan base behind me as these guys do with Red Sox Nation where else would someone want to retire and is the extra Mil or 2 worth it in the long run. The salaries today are so off the wall that guys actually think that going to another club like (Damon) for what??????? isn’t 40 Mil enough because lets face the music and realize that even though it’s a job how important is it to you to be welcomed, rooted on, and said fare well to on the grass at Fenway?????????????? Money isn’t everything but I guess to some it’s more of ” The man with the most is King “. Well to my family and friends and my kids, I’m the king and we have about 00.05% of what they have.

  2. redsoxtalk says:

    Hey Mike, thanks for your thoughts. I know it’s tough to relate when these guys are making more than 100x what most of us make, but try to put yourself in their shoes and there are at least two things to think about:

    1) Status. Why should you accept less money than so-and-so, when you are clearly a better player than they are? To be among the best paid at your position says something.

    2) Guaranteed money. While the difference between $12M and $15M a year isn’t much, it does add up pretty quickly. In baseball, all contracts are guaranteed, so the choice becomes $36M (3yrs/$12M) versus say, $60M (4yrs/$15M). I think we would all make the same decision for ourselves and our family if we faced that choice.

    It’s just that a player gets used to a certain type of lifestyle as a pro athlete, and once he retires at a very early age of 40, that’s what he and his family will be living off of. The more you have, the more secure you are.

  3. redsoxtalk says:

    The Red Sox have exclusive negotiation rights until Tuesday to iron out something with Lowell. No response so far means this current deal is probably not going to work out. I imagine this offer is probably the last one Epstein will offer to the All-Star, so it seems like the third baseman will go to free agency and see what kind of contract the market brings.

    Time for the Sox to consider other options, including acquiring a 3B or a 1B. A-Rod, Blalock, Scott Rolen, Pedro Feliz and Joe Crede could be available at the hot corner, and potential top targets at 1B include Miguel Cabrera, Todd Helton, Carlos Delgado and Richie Sexson. Given the options, I’d like to see them bring in a right-handed bat at first without losing more than Crisp and one prospect. How about Tony Clark for a year?

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