2007 AL Cy Young goes to Sabathia…Boo!

Most people had the Cy Young Award narrowed down to either C.C. Sabathia or Josh Beckett, and a strong end-of-the year performance by Sabathia was enough to seal the deal, as he earned 19 of 28 first-place votes. Sabathia had a slightly better ERA, more innings pitched, and more total strikeouts, mainly because Beckett missed a couple of weeks with a finger avulsion. Yes, Beckett only made 30 starts, but in my opinion, he was still the better pitcher, as he managed a 145 ERA+ as opposed to Sabathia’s 142, and had a much higher K/9 rate of 8.70 to 7.81. He managed 20 wins in fewer starts than Sabathia needed to get 19. He also pitched in a tougher home park than Sabathia (1.177 run park factor to 1.120 this season), which more than makes up for the small ERA differential. And if there were any lingering question, Beckett’s postseason performance (4-0, 1.20 ERA with two decisive wins over Sabathia) proved who really deserved the award.

But who cares about facts and numbers and stuff like that, when we have our eyes to trust and our impressions to look to? Congrats, chunky monkey. You still had a great season, just not as good as Josh B’s.


One Response to 2007 AL Cy Young goes to Sabathia…Boo!

  1. me says:

    Boo is right.
    B B B Sabathia- Blubber Butt Buffet Sabathia
    Mr October lol

    The tribe should trade the fat cat to the Yankees.

    Before he puts on another 200 lbs…lol.

    If he hits the buffets a few more times – no one will want him.

    Josh Beckett should have got the Cy Young

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