2008 Offseason: Sox retain Kyle Snyder

The Sox have signed a one-year contract with reliever Kyle Snyder worth something upwards of $800k for the 2008 season. Snyder was one of three arbitration-eligible players on the 25-man roster, and now both he and Javier Lopez have signed new deals with Boston.

Like I’ve said many times before, I have no problems with Snyder, and Lopez is actually better than many other LOOGY options right now. Those contracts do not really impact the Sox’ payroll, so even if they bomb, it’s not a big deal to replace them in the bullpen.

Only Kevin Youkilis remains on the list of arbitration-eligible players, with a fairly substantial gap remaining between the two sides on what Youk should be paid next season. Youkilis is asking for $3.7M, and it’s hard to criticize him, given his value to the team and the fact that Ryan Howard just turned down $7M from the Phillies. The Red Sox offer last stood at $2.5M. I would expect the front office to focus all of their attention now on Youkilis, and that they will get a deal done very soon. The final number will land somewhere in the middle on a contract, maybe just a tick above $3M.


One Response to 2008 Offseason: Sox retain Kyle Snyder

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    I wonder if a Snyder re-signing forecasts a trade of Julian Tavarez. Still plenty of teams out there who would love to get a veteran starter like him for just one year at under $4M.

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