2008 Offseason: Red Sox sign Sean Casey

With Brad Wilkerson signing a deal with Seattle to be their full-time right fielder, it didn’t take long for Theo Epstein to sign the next man in line. 33-year old Sean Casey signed a one-year, $800k deal with the Red Sox to be the new Eric Hinske on this year’s squad. He hit .296/.353/.393 in 143 games for Detroit last year, when Chris Shelton didn’t work out at first base.

With over ten seasons of experience under his belt (and now a recent year and a half in the AL), Casey should make an excellent left-handed backup at first base. Like Mike Lowell, he’s known for being a consummate professional and a great teammate. Casey’s defense has been just a tick subpar in recent years, but he’s got more than enough veteran savvy to make up for it. His career .301/.366/.450 line means he will provide very good insurance against an injury to the hard-nosed Youk, who can get banged up playing dirt dog baseball. Casey can’t drive them out of the park so often anymore, but he uses the whole strike zone and the whole field to get on base. It also means the Sox can sit Youk more this year without worrying about a huge dropoff in offense. Youkilis seemed to wear down over the past two years, with his post-ASB offense suffering severely.


One Response to 2008 Offseason: Red Sox sign Sean Casey

  1. Pat says:

    I like this a lot. Casey has a great reputation. This is the type of pickup I was hoping for that would give the sox better depth on the bench. I’m looking forward to more trades and pickups as Santana is finally out of the way.

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