Johan to the Mets

Well, you’ve all heard by now, but Omar Minaya and the Mets have won the the sweepstakes for Johan Santana. The Mets are in the midst of a 72-hour negotiating window, and they will sign Santana to a big extension, probably in the ballpark of $120-150M dollars, at $20-25M per season, in order to seal the deal.

There were some whispers out there that the Red Sox and Yankees pulled back their offers in the last week or two, as they needed to get on with their offseasons, and Santana may have forced the Twins’ hand, leaving GM Bill Smith with no alternative. Almost all analysts out there (Baseball Prospectus, The Hardball Times, Voros McCracken, Gleeman, MLB Trade Rumors) say that the Mets’ offer was the weakest of the three clubs. This move certainly makes them much tougher in a short series.

So even though it would have been incredible to add Santana to our rotation, what we have here is the next best scenario:

  • Boston still has the best combination of pitching staff and minor league pitching depth in the AL.
  • Keeping Ellsbury means having great defense and outfield depth OR a good trading chip in Coco Crisp.
  • We won’t have to tie up $25M per season long-term to one pitcher.
  • The Yankees rotation is still topped by Wang, Pettite and Hughes.

I’m pretty satisfied with where we stand right now. Sure, it’s not exciting to stand pat in the offseason, but winning the whole shebang twice in four years is the kind of excitement I’m more interested in.

So… What do we do with all that money we’re going to save? We do have to think about extending Papelbon and some other young players pretty soon. And with names like Mark Teixeira, C.C. Sabathia and Kenji Johjima as potential free agents after 2008, I’m sure Theo will think of something.


One Response to Johan to the Mets

  1. Pat says:

    This standing pat thing is more exciting than it sounds. In a way we have two new players in Ellsbury and Lester, assuming they play the whole year. We also have that ever promising Buchholz waiting in the wings as our not so secret weapon. Many in RSN, including myself, feel like we will see a better more experienced Dice-K. I am liking this a lot.

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