2008 Projections: Offense

Now that I’ve projected the whole starting lineup, I plugged my values into Baseball Musing’s lineup tool to see what the sum result might be this year.

Here’s the lineup I plugged in:

  1. J. Ellsbury
  2. D. Pedroia
  3. D. Ortiz
  4. M. Ramirez
  5. K. Youkilis
  6. M. Lowell
  7. J. Drew
  8. J. Varitek
  9. J. Lugo

The result is a lineup that could produce 5.772 runs per game, or 935 runs on the year. That’s a huge improvement over last year’s offense, which scored only 867 runs (5.35 R/G) primarily due to an aberrantly-low HR total for the Manny-Papi era. Any way you look at it, the offense should be better in 2008.  I’ll look at pitching in a future post, and try to predict a W-L for this year based on that.


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