Bobby Kielty to return; Crisp out?

The Red Sox came to an agreement with Bobby Kielty this week, signing him to a one-year, $800k deal. The contract includes up to $300k in extra incentives.

The signing of Kielty may herald the departure of Coco Crisp, who has been considered trade bait all offseason, with Jacoby Ellsbury ready to step into the starting role. Kielty has indicated all along that he would like to play for the Sox only if there was enough playing time as a fourth outfielder, clearly referring to the presence of Crisp as an obstacle. Epstein may be searching to maximize his return on any deal involving Crisp at this time.

With the Major League roster all but set, I’d expect the front office to try and pry two good prospects off of some team as a return on Crisp. Two teams still in need of centerfield help include the Twins and Braves. It is known that both teams have liked Crisp in the past, but they both have budding superstars near the Major League level in Carlos Gomez and Jordan Schafer, and they don’t want to block them with a veteran holding a multi-year deal. Personally, I don’t think it would be hard to trade Crisp next offseason, but assuming this is true, there are still other options. The Rockies, Giants, Athletics and possibly the White Sox could use his services.


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