Schilling has a shoulder problem

It’s all over the news; Curt Schilling has a throwing shoulder issue that could require surgery, costing him the whole 2008 season. Some sources say that Dr. Craig Morgan has recommended that route, but another has suggested that rehabilitation on the shoulder might allow him to return by the All-Star Break. Curt himself strongly disputes the recommendation for surgery.

The Red Sox are none too happy about this, especially after inking him to a $8M, one-year contract this offseason, and they have purportedly tried to void the deal, causing ill will between team and player. Legally speaking, it seems that they could do this only if Schil hurt his shoulder doing some activity prohibited in the contract.

For now, Schilling will rest and rehab, trying to get into throwing condition as soon as possible. It looks like the rotation depth suddenly got a lot shallower for the Sox. I wouldn’t look for a trade of Julian Tavarez now. Look for them to start with a rotation of Beckett, Matsuzaka, Wakefield, Lester and Tavarez until Clay Buchholz forces his way in from Pawtucket (that shouldn’t take too long).

Here is Schilling’s blog post on the whole issue.


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