2008 Spring Training: Boston College and Northeastern U

The Sox have their trip to the White House today, then it all begins. It’s finally time for the guys to hit the diamond again, and aren’t we all anticipating seeing Josh Beckett throw again? It’s been way too long.

Tomorrow’s lineups:

Game 1: Boston College

  1. Jacoby Ellsbury
  2. Dustin Pedroia
  3. David Ortiz
  4. Mike Lowell
  5. Jason Varitek
  6. Kevin Youkilis
  7. Julio Lugo
  8. Bobby Kielty
  9. Brandon Moss

Scheduled to pitch: Josh Beckett, Kyle Snyder, Javier Lopez, Manny Delcarmen, Bryan Corey

Game 2: Northeastern University

  1. Coco Crisp
  2. Alex Cora
  3. J.D. Drew
  4. Manny Ramirez
  5. Sean Casey
  6. Chris Carter
  7. Doug Mirabelli
  8. Jed Lowrie
  9. Matt Ginter

Scheduled to pitch: Justin Masterson, Craig Hansen, Michael Bowden, Craig Breslow, Hunter Jones, Kyle Jackson

I can’t wait to see this. You can already see where management is leaning in terms of Ellsbury/Crisp, can’t you?


6 Responses to 2008 Spring Training: Boston College and Northeastern U

  1. Pat says:

    My thoughts exactly. It doesn’t look like Crisp is the ‘incumbent’ Center Fielder when Ellsbury is out there first.

    Bad move by Tito if they are going to have Crisp start the season in Center.

  2. redsoxtalk says:

    Well, I think Tito wants to gauge where Ellsbury is, and if he’ll continue where he left off last season. That 1-2 punch could cause a lot of headaches around the AL this season, with Ellsbury’s speed and Pedroia’s doggedness at the plate. Can’t wait.

  3. bosoxgirl says:

    What a decision to make, they are both very good.. Hopefully Ellsbury will continue to WOW us with his speed and I really like Coco and hate to see him on the bench alot but what can you do when you have the likes of Ellsbury in your club. Should be an interesting season, I am sooo looking forward to it. Beckett is going to shine as always.

  4. Liza says:

    The thing about playing Ellsbury in the first game is that he’s with Kielty and Moss flanking him in left and right–Tito seems to be saying, “Yeah, he’s good, and he might be able to start first, but look who he’s playing with: the guys on minor league contracts.” A good, subtle move by him, I think.

  5. Pat says:

    Thanks Liza. I didn’t realize that. Obviously he has Coco with the starters.

  6. redsoxtalk says:

    Yeah, game 1, B outfield, A infield, game 2, vice versa.

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