Dice-K, Sox top Twins 8-3

It’s still early yet, but the Sox continued their Spring success against the Minnesota Twins yesterday. Daisuke Matsuzaka tossed two scoreless innings, needing just 12 pitches to dispatch the Twins. He did give up two hits, but two double play balls took care of that. Dice-K was able to get most of his outs on fastballs, which is a good sign, though again, it’s early yet for hitters. He’s admitted that he feels a lot more relaxed this year, without the media circus following his every move.
Kevin Youkilis and Jason Varitek went yard back-to-back in the 4th off Kevin Slowey, and George Kottaras hit a homer in the 9th and recorded two more hits. Coco Crisp, out to impress, had an RBI single and stole two bases in this one, including a steal of third off closer Joe Nathan.

The pitching staff was on its game, issuing just one walk. Hideki Okajima was sharp, throwing a scoreless inning, as was David Aardsma in his first Spring appearance.

The Sox will continue their spring series against the Twins this weekend.


3 Responses to Dice-K, Sox top Twins 8-3

  1. bosoxgirl says:

    The Sox looked great, I have a good feeling about this year, with almost the same team they have to feel good as well.

    Anyone else heard the negative crap lil’ stienbrenner was spewing about Red Sox Nation. Jerk….

    I have to say I was impressed with the newer guys, they did ok. Over all I think we are in good shape this season. Okie is awsome isn’t he?? He was quite a surprise for us.


  2. redsoxtalk says:

    Lots of people think that Okajima had more impact last year than Dice-K did, despite being a reliever. Baseball Prospectus VORP had him as the Sox’ 4th most valuable pitcher in 2007, behind Beckett, Dice-K and Schilling (and above Papelbon). That’s saying something.

  3. bosoxgirl says:

    Yeah, I really like Okajima. I personally feel our bull pin can kick some serious bootie, We are very fortunate…

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